Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland, and Butler counties are moving to GREEN! (These are all counties close to the area that we service, so we’ll talk about them today)

This is definitely an exciting time, as it feels like things are finally coming out of the darkness and into some sense of relief for brides and grooms who are planning their weddings. But what does it mean to be in the “Green Phase”?

There are definitely still some restrictions and things to keep in mind, so we will go through some of them in this post. The most important thing to remember is that all of the guidance put out by the state and CDC should be followed, although some of it leaves room for interpretation. Check with your venues first to see how they are handling things!


Guest Counts:

The green phase restricts events to 250 people. This is great news for lots of couples planning both large and small weddings. However, make sure you consider that the staff and other vendors (like photographers) will likely need to be included in this count. This may not mean 250 guests, but rather a group of 250 maximum.

You can still host a wonderful ‘intimate’ wedding of up to 75 at this level, and this really provides couples with the ability to extend their guest list if they want!


Guest Attendance:

The green phase is not a total ‘Go!’. It’s the next phase in a gradual reopening, and therefore still implies that precautions should be made to not spread the coronavirus. Because of this, you may have guests who simply do not yet feel comfortable in groups, and you should expect that some of your RSVPs may come back as a no.

This may be more incentive for couples to host small, micro weddings as they are likely in close contact with that direct guest list on a regular basis, and may expect that everyone at a smaller wedding would plan to attend. Consider how comfortable your guests will be in a large group!



Some of the venues that I have talked with are requiring staff to wear masks, but not guests. You will want to check with your venue to see how they are planning to handle this. Some may require them, others may not. Given that they are recommended and not required given the current state guidance there is some wiggle room in this interpretation and will likely be venue-driven.


Social Distancing:

This one is going to be difficult at weddings. Everyone likely wants to mingle! Social distancing is recommended given the state guidance, and so you’ll want to consider how the venue can accommodate spaced-out tables and settings for dinner. This may be more of an incentive to host a smaller guest count in a slightly larger venue space than originally anticipated.

You will also want to ask your DJs or musicians to remind guests to socially distance themselves if possible as a good reminder.


Places of Worship:

Places of worship are excluded from the limitations established by the Governor’s order, so you can certainly hold your event in your house of worship as long as the parish is open and allowing weddings.

The biggest change in the green phase is certainly the ability to host more guests – are you planning a green phase wedding? How are things going with your plans?

Images by Leeann Marie Photography