The wedding and events industry looks very differently than it did in 2019. Due to the ripple effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, many couples that had their wedding booked for a date in 2020 are electing to postpone their wedding to a date in 2021.

While that can be a good option for some, other couples have their hearts set on getting married this year. We can’t blame them! So, if you’re looking at moving forward with your wedding this year but are looking at scaling back, we wanted to highlight our top 5 reasons for still hiring a wedding filmmaker for your special day.

Reason #1 – Movement and Audio
Photography is a MUST and video is just as important because it captures movement and in-the-moment audio. Our team has filmed weddings for 10 years and we understand the importance of balancing capturing both great audio and creative video.

We incorporate as much audio in our film as possible because we feel it really brings the events of the day to life. We always use multiple audio sources during your ceremony (vows!) and during the toasts at the reception to ensure a clear recording to incorporate in your film. We want your film to be uniquely yours – not only in what people are doing (hugging, laughing, smiling, dancing!) but also in what they say. Hearing the voice of your friends and loved ones on your wedding day is so special, and the combination of video and audio really transport you back to that moment and how you felt!

Reason #2 – Preserve the memories
The good news is that once the celebration is over you end up a with a loving life partner. The bad news is that once it’s over, everything is gone. Except for your memories, your photos, and of course your video. A wedding film allows you to live those moments over and over again, even when your memory wanes years from now. You’ll be able to remember how good the food was, how much fun the dancing was, how beautiful the décor/flowers/reception was and how beautiful everyone looked.

And, you’ll be able to share it with people who weren’t there like future children.

Reason #3 – Share it with family and friends
Your wedding film is something you’ll be able to easily share with friends and family (so, this is especially true and important for smaller more intimate weddings). We offer differing lengths of films, trailers, and teasers so you can elect to share something short and sweet or something more all-encompassing. We provide each couple with a digital version of everything we edit together (including licensed music) so you can upload whatever you choose to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram. Even if you’re not able to host all of your friends, family and loved ones (due to COVID-19 or otherwise) they still care about you and want to support you! Sharing your wedding film (and photos!) is a great way to still include them in your celebration and spread some joy!

Reason #4 – Moments you missed Our team respectfully captures as much of the day as possible. We don’t have our cameras recording literally the entire time… but it’s pretty close! Our goal is to capture as many candid moments as possible. We always tell our couples, their bridal parties, families, and guests that they should just ignore us (a good camera wave is always acceptable!) and pretend like we aren’t even there. We want to capture YOU and the authenticity of the day to ensure your film is real. Obviously, we want everyone to look and sound their best. We are very mindful of capturing flattering angles and doing everything we can to make sure that you’re in the most favorable light as possible, but we feel it’s so important for us to capture the real day and the real you.

Reason #5 – Small events = more time with the couple!
We have created a specific package to cater to smaller events for a reason. We wanted you to get the biggest value but still come away with an incredible and beautiful film. Couples will often ask us the difference between having either longer coverage time and/or the difference between having one filmmaker or two filmmakers. If a wedding has more than 150 guests and/or a large bridal party, we always recommend two filmmakers. But, for smaller events, one filmmaker can sometimes work, especially if all the events are occurring in one location. And, the fewer the guests, the more time we are able to focus on you, and the people in attendance whether it’s just your family or small gathering of friends and family. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE capturing big, loud, crazy wedding days but we understand that our world looks a little different these days. And we certainly appreciate a more intimate (relaxed or formal) wedding celebration. However, your wedding day looks or feels we want to be there to capture it all so you can live through those memories again and again.

Post Script Films is a team of wedding filmmakers, passionate about capturing your wedding day creatively and respectfully. We deliver a wedding film that will let you relive your day over and over. We capture the sights and sounds of the special moments between you, your family and friends. And we love working with Leeann! (aww <3)

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